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New trends in digital marketing and advertising have begun to supplant traditional methods. Whether using new or old ways, at ShinyPen, we believe that good content produces good results. We offer custom words to fit whatever medium, for whatever you best feel will help your company. ShinyPen is for those specific jobs that need special attention. We do Press Releases written and distributed, Article writing created, Blog writing, Excel spreadsheet work, and Editing.

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Get Noticed
In this vastly growing world, getting noticed can be a daunting task, especially if your business does not have a huge marketing and advertising budget.  Standing out in a sea of competitors has become easier than in the past because of the internet, but the same conventions still hold true; you will never get the results you want with bad content.

Before you embark on any marketing and advertising campaign, you must first target your audience, then create your budget, and finally, decide on methods.  It should be a relief that there are so many more options now to garner awareness of your company. Of course, there is the traditional press release.  Not only is this tried and true, but it also offers the fastest turn-around from conception to results.

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Market On and Off the Internet
Non-traditional tactics utilize the internet, grabbing people’s attention as they go about their daily net surfs. One example is a blog for your company.  This blog would most likely be on your company’s website, but by adding content to the internet, it will eventually get noticed and should increase your traffic. For your existing customers, they will have a place they can go to read current events about your company, your products, new solutions, or new applications – just to name a few. Articles also raise awareness about your company. A well-written article, spread across the internet, gets read. The readers then can be directed to your website, gaining traffic and attention.

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What Can We Do for You?
So what role does ShinyPen play for you and your business? We are your on-call, contract-to-contract, behind the scenes support team. We are your off-site Public Relations people, ready to distribute a timely press release. We are your writing staff waiting to produce... anything. We are your excel Guru, Technical Writer, Business Blogger, or Line Editor whose salaries or retainers don’t weigh down your budget. When you need specialized work done, you won’t have to interview and hire a new staff member or firm.

You just need the ShinyPen.

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