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Press Release Creation

At, we have press release experience, both as businesses looking for publicity and as editors looking for stories to print.  There are many different ways to write and present a press release, but there are definitely even more ways to get it wrong.

We have written many press releases that have been published.  We have edited hundreds for publication.  We have read thousands.  What we took away from our experiences are some key things to include when writing a press release, and many don'ts.

We would like to work with you in getting your business publicity.  For press release creation, we get to the heart of what you want to say and get it on paper.  We will work to make your press release engaging and informative to give it its best chance to catch an editor's eye.

You will be in the loop in each step from first word to distribution and no action will be taken without your express approval.  You don't want to send out a press release you are not happy with and neither do we.

Press Release Editing

Maybe you already have a press release for distribution, but you're not sure if it's ready.  Let us take a look at it.  We will check for proper formatting, form, and style.  We will look for common press release pitfalls and "editor annoyances."  If necessary, we will adjust key points to bring out the best face your release has to offer, but always keeping the preservation of the spirit of your message alive.

Press Release Distribution

What is good for one company may not be for another. That is to say, a national campaign may help out another company, even a competitor, but it's possible that for your business, distributing your press release nationally may just be a waste of money. 

There are many options, however, if a national "blast" will not best suit your purposes. We can help you find your target market and dial-in on them, whether it be regional, local, or specialty. Specialty and regional markets can be chosen by location of course, but also by language, type of news medium, and so on. And once we know who is your best recipient, we can help you find the best distribution company to get your message out there.

Let's find the best audience for your press release and get it out there!


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