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Excel is a spreadsheet program in the Microsoft Office family that can manipulate vast amounts of numbers and information.  Normally, the immense potential of the excel spreadsheet remains obscure, but our spreadsheet creation services can bring out its best for you and your company.  We can also take your database, or contact lists in almost any format and import them into excel for reorganization and de-duplication.  If you often use an excel spreadsheet and are constantly re-entering data or doing calculations, can help you.  If you have never used excel, but do lots of number crunching anyway, we can show you a bright new numerical world!

Excel Spreadsheet Pricing
Spreadsheet creation                    $30 - $250
Depends on number of design elements and complexity of formulas
Spreadsheet editing                      $30 (per sheet, per hour)

Excel spreadsheets are not just for adding, subtracting, or averaging columns of numbers.  It can keep track of contact lists, find solutions off of databases, or quickly give you an answer, no matter how many variables there are.  The best part of an excel spreadsheet is how much time and frustration it can save you.  Once your spreadsheet is properly set up, depending on what you are doing, most of the work will be automated for you.

Our spreadsheets are custom made, to your specifications, and for your purposes.   We do not have a library of spreadsheets on hand to present you, nor would we keep one.  To get the most out of your spreadsheet, the workings and organization of it must be specifically for you and what you are trying to do.  With that in mind, we aspire to make the most user-friendly, organized, efficient, and good looking spreadsheets we are able to create.

Tell us what your needs are, what you do to accomplish your tasks, and what you would like to have done for you.  We will create a spreadsheet from scratch to accommodate your needs.  We will also suggest and incorporate any other features we see fit as long as they are for the betterment of your spreadsheet, saves you time, and/or make your experience easier.  Estimations of project costs will be given after a full exploration of your needs and expectations.

We can also accept and edit or troubleshoot your spreadsheets.  These jobs can be as simple as changing the look, or as complex as reorganizing your formulas for improved results.  We also can take any list or database and make a user-friendly, non-duplicate spreadsheet for you.   These improved lists can also be tailored for easy import into almost any database management program.  Time estimations will be given after the extent of the project is known.

All content spreadsheets are confidential.  Your privacy and the security of your data are paramount.  At no time will any of your data be shared with anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

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