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Blogging has become an unanticipated elephant in the room as far as traditional media is concerned. With millions of people drawing attention to otherwise overlooked stories, the amount of authored information can almost be overwhelming.  Popular and highly trafficked blogs have gained power; power to sway the opinions of thousands of people; power to influence untold opinions; power to choose which ads or products all these people see when they visit the blog.

Blog Writing / Ghost Blogging: $125 (per blog entry)

Controlling content on a blog is just half of the story.  Blogs and their messages themselves garner attention, not only from those who visit, but also from second, or even third-party sites that link to the blogs.  With increased links and traffic, a blog’s visibility rises as well, becoming a contender on search engine lists.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the real reason to have a company blog on your website.  The more your business’s name and keywords are out there, the higher your website will be ranked.  With a higher ranking, when customers looking for a service or product you provide type into a search engine, your website will be one of the first they see.  The ultimate goal of course, is to be the first choice.

The more visible your website is on the internet, the more traffic and potential customers you will have. Blogging is a unique and subtle way to facilitate that.  Usually, a business blog will be about the company and its products, but from a different angle than normal advertising and marketing.  In a blog, you don’t "sell" per se.  You talk about the behind the scenes, or give tips.  Some businesses talk about their particular industry with no specific mention of their products.  The thinking behind this different approach is that you already have them at your website which should take every opportunity to sell them, your blog gives you a chance to make a personal connection with the potential client – or current customer.  You want them to keep coming back to read the next blog entry.   The more they come back, the better chance that they will purchase your products or services, or purchase again.

In your busy day, it is difficult to find time to blog for yourself, let alone for your business. That is why ShinyPen offers blogging services, or "Ghost Blogging." We tailor each blog entry to your particular needs.  Whether you want a blog solely about your company, your personnel, your products, or even the industry in general, we can provide what you want.

Specific needs and content are catered to.
Each blog entry is specifically created for each client.


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