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About is all about providing good content and service for a good price without the interminable runaround and unnecessary complexity that can be found when using other businesses, whether they offer press releases, articles, or ghost blogging.

Another aspect of ShinyPen is not only what we can do for a company, but how to go about doing it.  We feel there is not a need for complex pricing indexes, multi-tiered membership levels, or compounding itemization.  A business relationship should be above board, with both sides feeling amiable when the transaction is over.  This way of thinking bans hidden fees, false expectations, bad sales methods, or unfulfilled promises.  Basically, if you’re not happy, let us know how we can change that.

The main idea behind - - creating and distributing press releases -- was thought of by George Page after he was the editor of Blue H News, a national, monthly, medical newspaper.  In the course of getting content for each issue, George had to triage and read thousands of press releases.  He got pretty good at dismissing poorly written, unoriginal, or just plain bad press releases out of hand.  The uninspired releases did serve one purpose though:  they made sure the good releases stood out.  So, was created from the ashes of so many terrible press releases to help businesses stand above and have their message heard.

Since then, he became interested in how diverse marketing choices had become since the widespread embracing of SEO, (Search Engine Optimization).  No longer were pop-ups or website ads the only way to advertise.  Almost anything put onto the internet – with the proper tagging – could become an advertisement for a single website or company.  With that thought, combined with traditional methods of marketing, George created

George Page received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Baylor University as well as an Liberal Arts degree from New Mexico Military Institute.  He has penned numerous articles in both online and in print media, and his short story, "Airholes" was published in the 2008 anthology from Hadley Rille Books, "Ruins Terra."  In addition to, he also authors a blog, The Shiny Pen.


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